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Finding the Ivy League Magazine Network in IPSOS 

The Ivy League Magazine Network (ILMN) is measured by the IPSOS Affluent Survey. Since the ILMN is a group of publications rather than just one title, major data providers treat it differently.


We've outlined how to easily find ILMN’s average issue audience (AIA) in each data provider's codebook below.

If you have any questions or need help finding the Network within your platform, please contact Heather Wedlake at


ILMN is listed with all other magazines in the “Media-Publications” media folder.

New Age

ILMN is listed in the “All Publications” and “Magazine Print Groups” sections of the “Print Media” codebook. 


ILMN is included in the “Publications” section as long as the “Gross Group Audiences” and “Show Groups” boxes are checked.


ILMN is only listed in the “Publication Groups” section of the codebook.

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