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Passion & Diversity. We're not talking about the Ivy League's commitment to diversity in academia or our audience's activities, but rather the incredibly diverse mix of editorial content our eight magazines feature with each issue.
They are loyal, influential and at the pinnacle of their fields. 


  • The ILMN reaches more “Ultra Affluent” readers, (those with a household income of $500K+) than any other publication.

  • The ILMN is the top publication for reaching High Net Worth Affluents - those living in households with a net worth of $5MM+ (1.6 million readers in total).

  • More ILMN readers have at least $500,000 sitting in their savings/checking accounts at this very moment than any other publication.

  • ILMN readers, in aggregate, have $5.7 trillion in investable assets, making them one of the most valuable media

  • outlets out there.



  • ILMN readers’ households spend $1.5 trillion on products and services annually (in aggregate), which ranks #1 among all publications and is higher than the national GDP of most nations.

  • ILMN also ranks #1 in terms of total dollars spent in a variety of luxury categories, including watches and jewelry, boats, art, fragrance and vehicles to name a few.


  • The ILMN ranks #1 of all publications in reaching C-Suite readers (2.5 million readers in total).

  • More ILMN readers have run for a public office than those of any other publication (663,000 in total).

  • ILMN readers are more than 3x as likely as the average affluent adult to have a doctorate degree. In fact, we have more doctors than any other publication (752,000 in total).



  • 8 in 10 (84%) ILMN readers have read 4 out of the last 4 issues of their alumni magazine.*

  • They spend an average of 54 minutes with each issue.*

  • 9 in 10 (89%) say their alumni magazine is important to them.*

Sources: 2023 Fall IPSOS Affluent Survey, *Ivy League Magazine Network Audience Survey

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